Interested In:
Branding and Identity Systems
    Logo and identity 
    Style guides
    Design research
Design and Illustration
    Adobe Suite 
          -After Effects
    Product and lifestyle photography 
    Retouching and editing photos
    Social media photography and video  
    Photoshoot styling  
Social Media Content
    Planning, organizing and editing posts for all social media platforms 
    Keeping up with trends and ways to advertise that are eye catching and exciting 
    Looking at viewer trends and target audience   
    Engaging with followers and creating brand relationships 
     Product and company research
     Customer and target audience research 
     Social Media strategy, planning and content
     Trend analysis/spotting 
I'm Still Learning...
It's true. I'm still learning, and I always will be. That's what's so cool about design, there’s always more adventures, new avenues and skills to explore. I’m excited to see where design takes me and everything I can do with it. I remind myself that even if I’m not yet fully knowledgeable about a subject, I’m willing to learn and do what it takes to gain the needed information and skillset for the job. So, no matter what, I want to take on a new projects, keep learning and exploring everything that I can.
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