I created Queen Bee with a simple, clean and fun feeling in mind. Honey is sweet, bright and natural so I wanted to illustrate a logo that encompasses all those attributes and merges components we commonly associate with bees and honey. There are elegant and fun stylized elements to the Queen Bee logo accompanied with a bold sans-serif font and a golden-honey color palette.
Hard Head, a rugged, innovative, outdoor gear company sports a logo cool enough for all adventurous spirits. I created Hard Head with the specific idea that the logo would be central and play a big part in the company’s identity. Outdoor clothing and gear are becoming everyday street wear so I wanted to create a logo people would want to rep. The logo exemplifies that Hard Head gear will stand up to the terrain but is also cool and memorable, making people want to be seen wearing it. The logo creates a lasting impression for the brand and all the adventurous spirits out there.
Mad Dog was born from my love of coffee. Coffee is a great, energetic and uplifting drink that people are extremely passionate about. Ask most people how they start their day and they will respond with "a nice cup of Joe". Taking this mind set, I opted to create a logo encompassing wolves as they stand for loyalty and pack mentality. I wanted the logo to be simple at first glance but upon further study the viewer would see additional intriguing aspects.
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